Wednesday 17th Jan 2018

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ISD Committes 2017-18

Below are the committees & members information below:

President: Br. Hassan Abdel Mageid
Vice President: Br. Shafiq Rahim
Secretary: Br. Haseeb Nomani
Treasurer: Br. Mohamed Abdel Megid
Social Secretary: Br. Nasir Khan

Construction Committee -- Br. Hassan Magied

Community Service Committee (includes Marriage & Notary) -- Br. BMA Belal 

Funeral/Sympathy -- Br. Khorshed Allam, Sr. Uzma (sisters)

Marriage and Notary -- Br. BMA Belal

Family Counseling -- Sheikh Abdel Hadi

IT Communications (includes ISD Connect) -- Br. Quadeer Farooqui

ISD Web Master -- Br. Nasir Khan

Community Engagements Group

Young Kids Engagements -- Sr. Tamkinat Mirza

Youth Engagements
Brothers -- Br. Mohammad Abdel Megid
Sisters -- Sr. Saba Awan

Seniors Engagements
Brothers -- Br. Iqbal Aziz

Constitution Committee -- Br. Alimualla

Education Committee -- Br. Shafiq Rahim
IAD Liason -- Br. Mohammad Abdel Megid
Sunday/Weekend School -- Br. Khaled Sadek (Chairperson)
Quran’ic School (QAD) -- Br. Alimualla (Chairperson)
Fulltime School (IAD) -- Br. Mohammad Niaz

Finance Committee -- Br. Haseeb Nomani

Fundraising Committee -- Br. Iqbal Aziz

Interfaith Committee -- Br. Irfan Patel (Chairperson)

New Muslims – Br.Syed Niaz (Brothers),  Sister Uzma (For Sisters)

Maintenance Committee -- Br. Mohammad Wais Gul

Security (Building Campus) – Br. Ahmed Abouzeid



Friday Prayer Times

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