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Change in ISD Management - President's Message

Dear Respected Community Members Assalam Waalekum:
 I am writing this message to inform that the Islamic Society of Delaware (ISD) Board of Directors has made some changes in its Executive Committee (EC) in a meeting held last Saturday, June 7, 2014. Based on these changes, EC now consists of the following members:
President:                    Br. Qamar Ahmad       (Elected in the 6/7/14 meeting)
Vice president:           Br. Vaqar Sharif          (Elected in the 6/7/14 meeting)
Secretary:                    Br. Hassan Mageid
Treasurer:                   Br. Shafiq Rahim
Social Secretary:       Br. Nasir Khan
 About assuming position of the President of our important organization, I must say that my shoulders are feeling heavy due the big responsibility it carries. I was not ready for it. However, now that I have accepted it, I am confident, I will be able to In-sha-Allah handle it with support of all of the EC and Board members as well as all of the members of our beautiful community; and most importantly with the help of Allah (SWT). All of the past ISD Presidents have tried to do the best they could to serve ISD in the best interest of the community and only for the pleasure of Allah (SWT), and that is what I will strive to do In-sha-Allah.
 May Allah (SWT) bless all of you with good health and excellent level of Iman.
 Qamar Ahmad


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