Thursday 22nd Aug 2019



2nd Jummah Prayer (Prayers)

Assalam-alaikum Wa Rehmatullah Wa Barkatuhu ISD Board Members were looking at addressing the needs of the community for the Jumaah' Prayers. With presistence incliment weather parking space has became an aggravated issue besides there had been continued requests for 2nd friday khutbah to cater to needs people who have to head back to work earlier but would like complete the salah' insha'Allah. We like to get your feedback to make an informed decision insha'Allah please submit the below form;  Please feel free to talk to any the ISD Board members / Imam Sh. Abdul Hadi if you have any question or have any inputs.

Note that the From March - November : 1st Jumah prayer: 1:10 PM  Salah - 1:45 PM 2nd Jumah prayer: 2:15 PM  Salah - 2:45 PM From November - March  the timing will be adjusted for EST - Standard Time (Decrease by an hour).

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Friday Prayer Times

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