Thursday 24th of July 2014

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Month of Generosity!!


Ramadan Fundraiser Reminder from ISD President PDF Print E-mail
President's Corner
Friday, 18 July 2014 07:37

Assalam Walekum Rahmatullah Wabaraktahu.

I wish to kindly remind you to avail the opportunity to earn more hasanat this Ramadan by generously donating for the ISD fundraising to be held tomorrow at Masjid Ibrahim after Isha Insha'Allah. Our fundraising goal is $165,000. I will greatly appreciate all the support you can provide to help us meet the goal.

May Allah (SWT) reward you with the best reward in dunya and aqirah for your continued support.

Best Regards,

Qamar Ahmad
ISD President
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Jazzakum Allahu Khairun.

ISD FundsRaising

Community Iftar - Friday July 18 & Saturday July 19 PDF Print E-mail
Ramadaan Kareem
Friday, 18 July 2014 07:35

Community members are cordially invited to the Iftar at Masjid Ibrahim on Friday and Saturday.

Ramadaan Funds

Youth Sponsored Iftar at ISD Sunday July 20 PDF Print E-mail
Ramadaan Kareem
Friday, 18 July 2014 07:34

The Islamic Society of Delaware Youth would like to invite the community to the Iftar this Sunday, July 20. Our dedicated youth will host and serve iftar and clean up afterwards. Please encourage them by accepting their invitation and come join them at Masjid Ibrahim.

Jazzakum Allahu Khairunn

Sponsor weekday or weekend Iftar at ISD - 2014-15 PDF Print E-mail
Ramadaan Kareem
Friday, 18 July 2014 07:32

Sponsor Iftaar

ISD would like to offer you the opportunity to earn the reward of helping
to cover the costs for Iftar in this blessed month. Please contact ISD administration to donate towards Iftar Fund. Iftar sponsorship chart is available on both brother and sisters side for signup.

May Allah SWT bless you and your families with abundant blessings in this blessed month of Ramadan.

For Iftar sponsorship please contact:
Br. Anwar Balkhi
Br. Vaqar Sharief
Br. Nasir Khan

Note: All of your donations including Zakat and Zakat al-Fitr are tax deductible. Donation for Ramadan Iftar can also be made using Credit Card in ISD Website.

Ramadan Information for Masjid Ibrahim PDF Print E-mail
Ramadaan Kareem
Friday, 18 July 2014 07:30

Ramadaan Information

Invitation to Special General Assembly Meeting For United Islamic Schools Proposal Sunday July 13 at 1:30 PM PDF Print E-mail
ISD Events
Friday, 11 July 2014 16:55

Dear Community Members,

Assalam Alaikum

I would like to confirm the invitation for the Special General Assembly Meeting, scheduled for Sunday July 13, 2014 at 1:30 pm (just after Dhuhr prayer), at Masjid Ibrahim. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and approve, if found acceptable, a proposal by a concerned group of our community members to create a United Islamic School by a merger of IAD and Tarbiyah schools.

Attached is the proposal for your review in advance. The same proposal was approved by ISD Board last Sunday July 6, 2014. The same proposal will be voted upon by Tarbiyah Board and its General Assembly on Saturday July 12, 2014.

Please notice that while all ISD community members can discuss and comment on the proposal, only ISD paid members are allowed to vote.

Jazzakum Allahu Khairun.

Hassan Abdel-Mageid
ISD – Secretary

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School Proposals


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